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Frequently Asked Questions

This list will be a collection of all of the reoccurring questions we receive throughout the season. Hopefully by the end of the season it will be a great resource for years to come. However in the meantime, send us an e-mail if you have questions and we will add it to this list.

[email protected]

Registration Questions

Question 1: What paperwork do I need to register?
Answer: A birth certificate, proof of residency and a medical release form. While a school enrollment form is highly preferred here is a list of other acceptable documents

Question 2
: How can I determine my child's league age?
Answer: Click here for a link that will explain it all.

Question 3: Does North Portland Little League offer scholarships?
Answer: Absolutely, we want every kid to play. Please send an e-mail to [email protected] and we'll get you set up.

Question 4: What division should I sign my child up for?
This is a tough question to answer. If your child is just starting and between 4-5, T-Ball is a great option. If your child is 5 and you think they are ready to try and hit a moving ball, then Coastal is your best option. At ages 6-7, Coastal is your best option (many kids start at this level). If your child is 7 and just beginning, Coastal is a great way to begin to experience pitching at a very controlled pace but if you think your child will be okay with the challenge of hitting from other kids, the Farm is also a great place to start. At 8 and 9, beginners can choose between Farm or Minors. Farm is a mix between player pitch and coach pitch and is a slower pace game. In Minors, it's all kid pitch. Many kids start at the Minors level and do very well. We'd suggest bringing your child to one of the try-outs and letting the coaches help you make this decision. If your child is 10 or 11, please register for Minors. However you can register experienced kids 10 - 11 up for Majors but they will need to make a team during tryouts. 12 year olds should register for Majors. 13 and above can register for a Juniors team.


Question 01: Does my child need to try-out to make a team?
Answer: Yes for the upper divisions (Minors, Majors and Juniors) do require a skills assessment/tryout per Little League rulebook.  This informs coaches create skill balanced teams and ensure each player is on a team appropriate for their age and skill level. It is important for the safety of all the players to be placed in the appropriate division. 

We encourage league age 8-year-olds who played Farm to try-out for Minors and 10-year-olds with at least 2 years of prior experience to try-out for Majors.  The coaches, using the skills assessment, will perform a draft to create teams.  The draft process will determine the appropriate division for the players.

Lower divisions (Tball, Coastal, and Farm) do not require a skill assessment/tryout.


Question 01: When are practices and games
This is determined by the coaches once teams are picked in mid-February. For lower divisions (T-Ball, Coastal) there will usually be one practice on a weekday evening and a game on Saturdays, usually in the late morning or early afternoon. For Farm, Minors and Majors, the coach may have several practices throughout the week and once the season starts, two games a week. North Portland does not play games on Sundays.

Question 02: Location of games
Games are played at parks all around North Portland. For majors and minors teams, some games will be held against teams in other leagues so some traveling may be required. 

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North Portland Little League

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Email: [email protected]

North Portland Little League

P.O. Box 17312 
Portland, Oregon 97217

Email: [email protected]
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