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What is All-Stars?

Basically, think the Little League World Series. This series players are the the Majors All-Stars. Well, there are other levels too. All Stars is a big deal, folks. The bleachers are literally packed for every game. The whole league comes out to watch. It’s an honor, and it’s a commitment.

It should be the goal of every minors and majors player to be selected to play All-Stars.  All Stars season usually lasts about 3-4 weeks starting in early June with a tournament at the end of June or early July. 

At the end of the season, we are hoping to have three North Portland All-Star Baseball teams.

  • Majors - The top 13 Majors players aged 10-12.
  • Minors The Top 13 Minors players aged 8-10. 
  • Mid-Majors The top 13 remaining 9-11 year-olds at either division.

Who are the All-Star coaches?

At the Majors and Minors level, the manager of the team with the best record against North Portland teams earns the right to be the All-Star head coach. He/She also gets to name one assistant coach. The other assistant coach position will go to the manager of the team with the 2nd best record. 

The Mid-Major coaching staff will be chosen by the board after the Majors and Minor teams are set.

Who plays on the team?

All players vote for one All-Star from their own respective regular season teams.  The other players are selected by the All-Star coaches….but typically all the other team managers assist with the process over a beer or two.

It IS a big deal and plan ahead!


Mid May Player Commitment Letter signed and returned to Player Agent
 Player and Coach voting occurs
Early June Earliest teams may be announced
Early June Postseason teams may began practice

Late June
Early July (over July 4th)

 District 1 Tournaments for

  • Majors (10-12YO)
  • Mid-Majors (9-11YO)
  • Minors (8-10YO)
Middle July  District 1 Tournament winners advance to State Championship

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North Portland Little League

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North Portland Little League

P.O. Box 17312 
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Email: [email protected]
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