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NPLL Bylaws

2021 North Portland Little League Local Rules/Bylaws

(Currently being updated for 2024 season)

The following rules are not meant to replace any rules in the Little League Baseball regulation and rule book as published by Little League Baseball, Inc. These rules shall be considered the policy of this league, per Article XII of the Constitution, and all policy shall be voted upon per Article X, section 3 of the Constitution

Article I - General League Policy

Section 1: The League season shall begin January 1st and terminate no later than October 31st which includes the Fall Ball Season

Section 2: North Portland Little League will require a Registration Fee for each child participating. In a Little League Program. This Fee will be collected annually during the registration period. The fee amount will be reviewed and set at the time of the annual budget and approved by the Board of Directors.

These fees are required, regardless of program levels. Hardship cases can be reviewed by the President or Player Agent and scholarships can be given. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHALL A CHILD BE DENIED THE OPPORTUNITY TO PARTICIPATE IN LITTLE LEAGUE DUE TO FINANCIAL RESTRAINTS.

Section 3: Team sponsor fees to be determined by the Sponsorship Committee and approved by the Board of Directors. The fee amount will be reviewed and set during the Sponsorship Committee and approved by the Board of Directors.

Section 4: The Sponsorship Coordinator is appointed to present sponsors and advertising sign contract holders with an annual billing statement by March 1st with collection by May 1st. The process will be as follows:

  1. Solicitation Letter

  2. Invoice

  3. Reconcile with Treasurer to track completed payments

  4. Thank You’s & 501c3 paperwork

  5. Follow Up

Section 5: Rosters shall be established in accordance with regulation III (a) of the Official Regulation and Playing Rules of Little League Baseball and Softball:

“The league shall, at least 10 days prior to the first regular season game, establish the number of players on each team. No team may have more than 15 players nor less than 12 (Juniors, Majors & Minors as designated by NPLL). Farm, Coastal and Tee Ball (as designated by NPLL) require no minimums or maximums. Recommended team size is 8-10 players. All teams in a particular division must have the same number of players with in one or two according to enrollment”

Section 6: Managers and Coaches of all Baseball and Softball teams shall be appointed by the President, with approval from the Board of Directors annually. Managers and Coaches must receive a majority vote from the remaining Board of Directors per Article VI section 5 of the Constitution. Annual re-appointment of Managers and Coaches shall occur. The appointments shall be based on an evaluation by the Managers/Coaches Selection Committee and President with the following as Guidelines:

  1. Demonstrated commitment to Little League Baseball, Inc. and North Portland Little League

  2. Attendance at regular and special Board of Directors Meetings

  3. Attendance at the Annual Coaches’ Orientation Meeting

  4. Support of and participation in League activities, including but not limited to:

    1. Adherence to the Positive Coaching Alliance standards when conducting any activities within the league on or off the field

    2. Cooperation with the Vice President of their division, The President, and the Player Agent

    3. Fundraising

    4. Maintenance of the playing field

    5. Cooperation with the Umpire-in-Chief and all Umpires at all times

    6. Participation in umpiring at least 3 games during the season

    7. Home and Visitor Manager duties as specified in the Rulebook

    8. Adherence to the Pitching Regulations required by Little League International

    9. Adhere to Three Strikes Policy


  1. If a Manager or coach is Ejected, fails to follow Positive Coaching Alliance Guidelines or Fails to Follow Pitching Regulations: Automatic 1-2 game suspension based on the severity to be determined by a review by the managers and coaches selection committee. Individual will be brought before the Managers and Coaches selection committee for a hearing. Incident will be reported on Individual’s record

  2. 2nd offense: Automatic 1-2 game suspension based on severity to be determined by a review by the managers and coaches selection committee and/or possible susupension of the remainder of the season including All-Stars and Fall Ball. Individual must submit letter of apology and appear before board of directors for reinstatement.

  3. 3rd offense: Automatic suspension for rest of the season including All-Stars and Fall Ball. District 1 will be notified.

  4. NOTE: IF a COACH gets ejected, acting Manager WILL ALSO be suspended. Suspensions will be determined by the managers and coaches selection committee but will not be for the same game(s).

E. Managers or Coaches not re-appointed shall have the opportunity to appeal the decision to the Board of Directors

Section 7: Little League Supplies/Equipment/Property

The League will not lend or rent any equipment for use other than Little League Functions

Section 8: Emergency equipment purchases must be pre-approved by the Equipment Manager and notify the Treasurer of League funds used or reimbursement needed within 7 days of the purchase.

Section 9: Park Permits

All members of the league shall adhere to the rules and requirements set forth by Portland Parks and Recreation and will not in any way endanger the League’s standing and continued use of the fields by using fields when they have been declared closed by the Parks Department. Failure to recognize PP&R’s request will result in a board review and suspension.

Section 10: Team Pictures

Team pictures shall consist of all players, Manger, Coaches and listing of the team sponsor

Section 11: Background Checks

Managers, Coaches, Umpires, and ANY VOLUNTEERS who have repetitive contact with Players are required to complete a Little League Volunteer form which grants permission for a criminal background check. 

Section 12: All Managers and Coaches are required to complete additional training for Concussion Protocol and Mandatory Reporter trainings as provided by Little League International


Section 1: Major & Minor League Division Selection Process

  1. Players selected to play in the Draft Eligible Divisions shall be determined by the Complete Redraft system as outlined in the Rules and Regulation of Little League Operating Handbook

  2. Definitions: PLACEMENT- a player that meets the age requirements set forth by Little League International and has been registered by the Player Agent and who has participated in at least 1 Skills Assessment. NO-SHOW - a player who does not participate in the placement process or attend any Skills Assessments.

  3. The Player Agent and President shall establish Skills Assessment Dates and a Draft Date

    1. Player agent shall organize and be present for the Skills Assessment

    2. Managers and Coaches will need to Attend at least 1 Skills Assessment with a strong recommendation to attend both

    3. There will be at least 2 Skills Assessments

    4. Other Board Members need to attend at least 1 Skills Assessment to lend their assistance to the Player Agent, President and Managers as needed

    5. Players wanting to be drafted need to attend at least 1 Skills Assessment to be eligible 

    6. Any Majors player who refuses placement on a team will not be allowed to play for another team and will be relegated to the Minors Division

  1. All Mandatory 12 year olds will be drafted. This order will continue until all 12 year olds are drafted, then 11’s then 10’s.

  2. Managers must strive to have a balanced number of 12 year olds on each team, then filling the remaining spots with the next age in a similar fashion until teams are filled

  3. Secrecy: No player shall ever be told what position they were picked

  4. Options for Sons, Daughters, and Siblings of Managers and Coaches

    1. Arrangements must be made with the Player agent 24 hours before the Draft. 

    2. Said Arrangement will be a predetermined draft position for the Player(s) and an appropriate draft position will be given according to their skills assessment score, from which position the Manager will automatically draft their Child and Sibling(s)

  5. Trading Players: 

    1. once the draft is complete the Managers may take 15 minutes to make any final trades, after which final rosters are due to the Player Agent

    2. Trades must be player for player

    3. All trades must be made through and approved by the Player Agent

    4. All Trades must be for justifiable reasons and be approved by the Board of Directors

  6. Final Rosters will be submitted to the Player Agent seven (7) days prior to opening day

Section 2: Mandatory Playing Rules/Substitutions:

All Managers and Coaches will adhere to the rules set by Little League International and failure to do so will result in the penalty outlined by the Three Strikes Policy.

Section 3: If a player is not able to complete a season for any reason that player must be replaced by the Manager with the assistance of the Player Agent within fourteen (14) days with Board of Directors approval unless this circumstance happens within 14 calendar days of the end of the season. If not replaced by the Manager, the Player agent will assign the next eligible player from the Division below provided age requirements are met.

Section 4: Levels of Play 

Tball and Coastal level may begin at age 4 and may be as old as 7 if the player has no baseball experience. 

Farm level must be baseball age 7 or older. No 6 year olds are allowed at farm level due to the Little League International policy for pitching age regulation requirements. We are establishing Farm Level as a pitching development division and must make sure our players have every opportunity to pitch in games when played. LLI requires coaches to pitch to the entire team a 6 year old is on, depriving players from the opportunity to develop their pitching in games.

Section 5: Every player shall present Proof of Age and parents shall provide proof of residency when he/she/they are initially registering for Little League. Ages shall be verified by the President or Player Agent

Section 6: Pool Players shall be determined by age and availability and next determined by the order in which they signed up for Pool Play. Only players signed up for pool play may be called in for a game. Coaches cannot assign other teams players without consulting the Player Agent or President first unless an equitable arrangement is made with the opposing Manager.

Section 9: Medical Release forms are required for every player and will be kept in the Team Binder that will be at every practice and game.

Section 10: All-Stars

Teams shall be selected by a combination of player votes, coach recommendations, observance of season statistics and finally availability for Tournament season.

Each player will get to vote for a player on their team

Coaches recommendations and statistics will inform the remaining selections

Replacements will be made by coaches if selected players are not able to commit to the Tournament season.

Managers and Coaches will be selected by first right of refusal for acceptance via the following criteria:

  1. Division winning Manager will be offered the opportunity to Coach the All-Stars Team

  2. 2nd Place Manager will be 1st Assistant Coach unless there is more than one All-Stars Team in which Coaches will be assigned according to Division Standings

  3. Coaches not automatically assigned will be chosen by the Manager(s) and approved by the Board of Directors.

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